The Volcano Dragon Saves the Day

Book Cover: The Volcano Dragon Saves the Day
Part of the The Volcano Dragon series:

Edgar the Volcano Dragon has never been happier. He and his best friend, Quinn, enjoy learning at school and exploring their island home in their free time. But when Quinn’s dog, Beau, goes missing, their happy routine comes to an end. Will they be able to find Beau and rescue him in time?

Join Edgar and Quinn on their search for Beau in book two of The Volcano Dragon series!


Edgar raced down the mountain to meet his friend. He wanted to tell him about the math he had used to fit the pumice in the house. When he arrived at the school entrance, he found Quinn, calling worriedly for Beau.

“Quinn, what’s wrong?” he asked.

Quinn paced back and forth.  “I can’t find Beau. He always waits outside the school for me.”

Edgar knew this was true. He and Beau spent a lot of time together outside the school, and the dog had never missed a day.

“I’m sure he’s just at home with your mother,” Edgar said, trying to convince himself as well as Quinn.

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