The Volcano Dragon

Book Cover: The Volcano Dragon
Part of the The Volcano Dragon series:

Disaster tests a young dragon's heart. Edgar, a volcano dragon, has lived his whole life with his mother in their volcano. He loves to watch the people in the village below, but has never been allowed to interact with them. But as Edgar grows older, he begins to look at the laughing, playing village children in a new light and longs for a friend.

Will Edgar find a way to make friends or will a disaster make that impossible?

This delightful story of bravery and friendship will be enjoyed by parents and children age 2-100.


One night, shortly before his seventh birthday, Edgar awoke with a start. He thought he heard rumbling noises. Rumble, rumble, hissssss. He rushed to his mother’s bed and shook her awake.

“Mama! Listen! The volcano is making noise!” Edgar whispered.

His mother sat up and listened, but heard nothing. She got up and tucked Edgar back into his bed. “Try to get some sleep sweetheart. I’m sure it was just a dream.”

Edgar lay awake, staring up at the stars through the volcano’s crater. Listening to his mother’s snores, he thought that perhaps her snoring was what had disturbed him. But as he lay there, unable to sleep, he heard it again. Rumble, rumble, hissssss. 

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